INTERVIEW - From here ... to Eternity

(28 February 2014)

Specialist waste and recycling investment firm Eternity Capital is helping businesses to develop

At its central London office, Eternity Capital is building a portfolio of investments in the recycling and waste sector and proving that raising finance for new technologies is possible.

“Eternity Capital is an investment firm with core purpose to provide funding into companies and projects in the waste and environmental sector,” says investment director Alon Laniado.

“This helps the projects we are investing in, because we understand how the waste sector is transforming quickly from a logistics businesses to a treatment sector.”

“There are always lots of questions that need to be asked with any project, and with us being a waste sector fund, with the knowledge of solving issues, then it helps when we come up with examples of how to solve a problem or what to do.”

Part of this knowledge comes from Paul Levett who held senior roles in both Cleanaway and Veolia and now serves in a non-executive function for a number of companies across the sector including Eternity Capital.

Interview appeared on Resource Efficiency Business: click here